Sometimes, during an interview, you get asked the most difficult question:

What are your three main strengths and weaknesses?

It’s difficult for two reasons:

  1. Maybe you can’t fully understand your top strengths, since you could’ve focused on aspects of your behavior that are not that decisive.
  2. Maybe you’re not brave enough to admit what your real weaknesses are and you could also end up listing false-weaknesses (such as the infamous “I’m too nice”) just to make a good impression.

So, take a courageous leap and ask that question to someone really close to you, someone that will be sincere enough to guide you to the truth.

Here’s what my girlfriend told me:

 My Top 3 Weaknesses

  1. Insistent
  2. Talkative
  3. Lagger (“but improving”)

 My Top 3 Strengths

  1. Helpful
  2. Brainy
  3. Sweet

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